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Kanban•Up is a flexible task management application built with “getting it done” in mind, regardless of how small or large the project.


Whether you’re at your desk or on the road, KanbanUp is at your service. With our purpose-built application design for both web and mobile applications, you hold the reins to your projects anywhere, anytime.

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Kanban is a project management methodology used in product and software creation all over the world. KanbanUp was created by Craft & Logic, to fill a void in their own project management requirements to keep projects moving, and moving fast.

A Brief Introduction Into Kanban•Up.

Less Overhead. More Building.

Whether you’re making headphones, building a SaaS app, or creating an eCommerce site

Maintain visibility and accountability.

KanbanUp is a low overhead application keeping you and your team focused on organizing tasks effectively and allowing you to get to work and get results.

Unlike other task management applications, KanbanUp is designed from the ground up with the bottom-line in mind, knowing that our platform isn’t meant to prove it’s worth with overbearing and useless features; just the stuff you need to get it organized, managed, and done.

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Now Available on iPhone and Android

Take KanbanUp on the road with our newly released iPhone and Android applications, now available for free on Apple’s iTunes store and the Google Play marketplace. Feature rich, fast, and focused on efficient workflow design.

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Usability Tested, Work-flow Driven

Kanban•Up is a high-quality solution for those who want a speedy way to manage projects

There’s no better way to put it; KanbanUp is a clean, fast, fluid interface built to keep you focused on the tasks at hand. Create new tasks, use keyboard shortcuts, assign them to accountable team mates, provide due dates, embellish them with advanced descriptions, supply notes, attach assets, and update their status as they progress through the project stages.

Manage Your Team

Kanban•Up includes role-based features, keeping team members focused on their work while allowing managers the ability to take command of projects, plan ahead, and keep an eye on everything as tasks progress over time.

Project Management Now

Bulk import tasks, creates custom Lane-templates, build out new projects in a few short keystrokes, and more! As a Project Manager in Kanban•Up you’ll enjoy key features that enable you to coordinate tasks across multiple projects with ease.

KanbanUp allows you to create your own project flows with ease

Customize Kanban•Up’s columns to match your exact project flow needs; create, edit, and save as many column templates you require or simply use one of the many system generated, pre-built column templates to get going right away.

Unlimited Templates

Manage any type of project, the possibilities are endless.

Targeted Features

Laser-focused feature set designed to keep you on task.

There are a lot of different ways we can help you get started.

Need help starting up? Do you need a feature that you don’t see to keep you productive? We’re here to help. Reach out to the team of Kanban•Up builders at Craft & Logic to get concierge support service from anywhere in the world in just a few hours.

We're here to help

Our team of seasoned product creators is here nearly around the clock to keep your project management moving.

Clear Documentation

We've gone through the application end-to-end and documented every aspect for your reading pleasure.

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What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using Kanban•Up

If we didn’t have Kanban•Up I don’t even know what we’d do to organize our projects. We used to use Excel, and Basecamp, and now we’ve done away with all that bloated stuff and just focus on moving things along within our projects. It’s awesome!

Danya KaeChief Marketing Officer @ Swan Marketing, LLC

We were using Asana, but it was too waterfall for our rapid project development cycles, Kanban•Up is exactly what my team and I needed to get us moving at the next level.

Joseph SienesManager @ AE Labs

This app is a HUGE deal for my team and I; lightweight, to the point, worth every penny. Coming from a long line of other applications to help us keep project task visibility clear; I’m happy with kanbanup, and my team is stoked.

Matthew SmithChief Technology Officer @ Iggy Web