Getting to Know KanbanUp: Part 1

Reporting is available to all projects. They outline task number, active story points in the KanbanUp Task Dashboard, the number of Archived tasks, the number of Completed project tasks, and how many items are in the Backlog. There is also a table that outlines how many total tasks are in each KanbanUp Task Dashboard Column (or Lane).

KanbanUp is filled with rich features and in-depth management, with minimalism in mind to stay focused on the tasks at hand with minimized distractions. Here are a few features that we’re excited about in the Premium and Free account types on KanbanUp:

RAG Status: Known in the production project management process as Red, Amber, Green (or RAG) status, this provides a way for Project Managers to quickly apply the health of the project. Green for “things are on track”, Amber for “tasks are looking pretty close to delivery date”, and Red for “we have a task beyond deadline or the deadline is today”.

The RAG Status is set manually by Team Managers.

Notifications: All task activities are recorded and reported by the KanbanUp system. These notifications are stored and displayed for all members of your team to see (for items that are associated to them, specifically). All users have to do is click the Bell in the upper left of the KanbanUp Dashboard to reveal the list of system-generated notifications. Comments, new attachments, task assignments, and other activities are all reflected in the Notifications area.



Slack Integration: KanbanUp system notifications can be sent directly to your company’s Slack, to any channel of your choosing, and you can customize which notifications get sent to your Slack. For more information about how to integration Slack with KanbanUp, click here for a full tutorial.


Teams: Members of KanbanUp can be invited to join any number of teams. Should you be invited (and accept) to a team, the Team selector icon will appear on the application’s navigation header in the upper right, and you’ll have a dropdown of your teams to seamlessly switch from one team to another.


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