Getting Started: Creating Projects

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create Projects using KanbanUp.

By selecting the hamburger menu in the upper right-hand side of the Dashboard, you’ll see the magical KanbanUp Right Pane appear. In the Right Pane, click the “Create New Project” button.

An application overlay will appear, giving you a series of options, including Start and End Dates, Project Name, Column (or Lane) Templates, the capability to change the column names, re-order the columns however you’d like, and set an “Assign to…” user to automatically assign tasks to a specific person once a task is dropped into their Column.

Using the three-bars icon on the far right of each Column Item, drag the item up and down the list to position this lane where you’d like it to be.

Optional: If you need all tasks that land in a certain column to be automatically assigned to someone, you can click “Assign to…”, a dropdown will appear. Once selected, the users name will show next to the column, and they will receive a notification in either Slack, their KanbanUp Notifications, their mobile app notifications, or in their email inbox that a task has been assigned to them – and the task will reflect that assignment in the KanbanUp Dashboard.

If you rename or re-order the columns in one of the provided templates, or create a new column by choosing the Add Column option, you’ll be prompted to Create Custom Template.

This is so the system can hold this layout for you, and also provide you with a way to easily access your customized column template at a later date.

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