Getting Started: Project Backlog

Getting started with Premium KanbanUp is made to be simple and fast. In this tutorial, I will explain the Backlog feature of KanbanUp and get you going with proper project planning.

Some key elements to note on this blank project Dashboard, are the Interface areas. Navigation is reserved for the upper grey bar along the top of the screen. On the left, you will see Backlog, and on the right you may see the “People” icon (indicating teams if you’re a member of more than one team), the Slack logo (allowing you to integrate KanbanUp notifications to Slack), the Bell (for notifications), and the Hamburger menu, where Settings, Projects, Team Management, and Profile links are held.

We’ll be covering all these features in this Tutorial Series.

To start, here’s the overview of one of the planning features in KanbanUp – the Backlog.

The Backlog was built to be fast, where you can plop down thoughts and notes on User Stories around future-tasks with ease. Simply start typing in the Title, hit “Enter” and type in the Description. When done, hit Enter again, and another object will show up for you to fill in. Fast. Speedy.

Should you need to add an attachment to the task, you have Google Drive, Dropbox and My Computer as options for file locations. You can also drag & drop attachments directly over the Backlog Item to add attachments.

We’ve also included an even faster way to import backlog items into the system, via the Template provided at the bottom left of the Backlog interface. Simply download the CSV, fill it it, and import it. The tasks will all be pulled into the Backlog, awaiting either file attachments or introduction into the KanbanUp Dashboard for developers/designers – or other team members to see.

To move a task from the Backlog into the First Lane of the KanbanUp Dashboard, simply click the red “Right Arrow” icon next to the Backlog Item, it will pull the task over from the Backlog interface, into the Dashboard, attachments and details and all.

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